Friday, 26 April 2019

Benefits of Shrink Packaging For the Products

Shrink film offers versatility in an endless manner. Due to this versatility, shrink film can be used for all sorts of products. It doesn’t only improve the product’s shelf life but it also improves product appeal.

In this article, we are going to discuss the important benefits of shrink films for packaging designers.

Shrink film is the best friend of packaging designer
If you look at the shopping aisle, you will be able to notice that products are getting louder due to the competition of attaining buyers’ attention. And since the standards for choosing the products have been changed, one of the ways you can give your products more appeal is to use shrink film for the packaging. With the help of high quality of the film and high gloss, you will be able to give the graphics and colors printed on the packaging more definition. Moreover, the use of shrink film eliminates the need of printing of extra labels as those labels can be printed directly on the package. Pre-distorting the artwork using different printing technologies is a way to compensate for the shrinking in advance.

Barrier properties of shrink film
The good think about shrink film is that it is both stunning and practical. If you want to protect your design from any dust, dirt and moisture in the way from distribution center to consumer’s cupboard, you can consider using shrink film. Of course you need to make sure that film covers the entire product completely. It may be interesting for you to know that shrink film can also protect the light-sensitive items.

Temper-evident labels
As you may have an idea, markets are usually flooded with the counterfeit products. Surely you don’t want to end up purchasing such products. This is the reason that temper-evident labeling can be the best option you can go for. So, one of the best options here is to go for the shrink films. You can shrink the film with a perforated strip to prevent wrap rage at the consumer’s end.

Most of the people think that shrink films are not sustainable. It is actually a misconception as shrink films are more sustainable than you think. They are sturdy enough to eliminate the need of other unnecessary packaging supplies. Moreover, polyolefin film is completely recyclable.

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